Why buy

Why buy a DUTCH ELEMENTS coat or jacket?

There is a lot of elements which go into making the right coat or jacket and in these modern times we pay extra attention to detail in make our coats and this is what makes our coats and jackets unique.


 We spend a considerable amount of time designing the right styles – our designers have years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge, refreshed every season with inspiration from city visits, prediction companies, trade fairs, as well as most importantly our customers feedback


 We work with a wide range of fabric mills, all of which help in developing and sourcing unique fabrics for our collections, whether it is Italian woolen mills, Korean textile mills, Japanese imitation fur producers or Indian leather tanneries, we work to find the right fabrics which fit our coat and jacket designs.


Fit is one of our most important areas “as a great looking coat should also be a great fitting coat ”. We develop all our fits through our pattern teams, where we create the latest fits on our CAD CAM systems and tailors mannequins, thus ensuring the right balance and drape to each and every one of our styles.

“Embrace the seasons with elegant and stylish coats”